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Part 3 Reading and Writing (第三部分 讀寫)
VI. Reading Comprehension(閱讀理解) (50 )
A. Choose the best answer(根據文章內容,選擇最恰當的答案) (12 )
   The Earth is faced with a serious power problem now and all of us are affected by it. Should we leave everything to the government, or can we do something to save power? The answer is clear: if not us, who? Let us look at how you can save power at home.
    Computer. More often than not, we do not turn off our monitors(顯示屏) even after we have shut down our computers. And we often leave our computers on when we walk away to do something else. Keep the monitor and the computer switched off when you are not using them. Start doing this even when at work. You will help save some of the earth’s important power.
    Air Conditioning: Put the temperature at the minimum or maximum strongest that you are comfortable with, depending on the season. Try not to put it at too-high or too-low temperatures. This helps you save lots of power.
    Washers: Do you use your washing machine as frequently as you wish? Do you use your washing machine even when there are not many clothes to wash? Reduce the times of washing by cleaning plenty of clothes every time.
    Television: Unplug(拔出插頭) the power plug of your television set when not using it. This may not sound like a big deal but this little step will help oneself save power.
    Fridge: Do you always put hot food into the fridge? Bring cooked food to room temperatures before placing it into the fridge. You can also spare power by bringing cold or frozen food out of the icebox a great deal ahead of the mealtime. Thus, you don’t need to heat it.
69.The underlined part in the first paragraph means “_________”
A. if we don’t use power, who will use it?
B. The government should be responsible for saving power.
C. If it is necessary to save power, who will do it?
D. Everyone should do something to saver power.
70. The writer thinks we often waste power by not turning off _______.
A. computers and monitors B. air conditioners
C. washing machines D. television sets
71. The underlined “this” in the third paragraph refers to _______.
A. stopping using air conditioners B. setting air conditioners at proper temperatures
C. using smaller air conditioners D. keeping air conditioners on for shorter time
72. According to the writer, we’d better ________.
A. wash our clothes as often as we wish 
 B. wash our clothes without using washers
C. wash plenty of clothes at a time 
 D. use washers to wash light clothes
73. The writer mentions ________ way(s) of saving power when we use the fridge.
A. 1 B. 2
 C. 3 D. 4
74. The best title for the passage is “_______”.
A. How to live green  C. How to be safe at home
B. How to buy electrical products D. How to save money
69.D 70.A 71.B 72.C 73.B 74.A
69.D 答案定位在第一段我們是該把所有的事交給政府,或者我們能做一些事來節電?答案是顯然的,如果不是我們,會是誰?由此引出下文我們可以采取的一系列措施,因此劃線句指的是每個人都應當做一些事來節電
70.A 答案在第二段的第一句話。通常情況下,即使我們關掉電腦,我們經常不關顯示屏,所以費電是因為沒關電腦和顯示屏。
71.B 答案在第三段的第一、二句將溫度調至舒適的溫度,不要太高或太低。
72.C 答案在第四段的最后。每次洗足夠多的衣服以減少洗衣的次數。
73.B 答案在第六段的第二、三句。把熟食放在室溫下再放進冰箱,也可以在吃飯前從冰箱里拿出冷凍食物,所以講了兩種方式。
74.A 主旨大意題。全文圍繞人們日常生活浪費電的現象,如何在家節約用電提供了多種措施,最貼切的標題是如何環保地生活。
D. Answer the questions (根據短文內容回答下列問題) (12 )
    I grew up in a small town in Italy. One morning when I was 16, Dad told me I could drive him into a village, about 18 miles away, if I took the car to be serviced (保養) at a nearly garage. Thinking that I had just learned to drive, and hardly had the chance to use the car, I agreed happily. I drove Dad into the village and made sure to pick him up at 4pm. Then I drove to a nearby garage and dropped off the car. Because there were still a few hours to be left, I decided to watch movies at a theatre near the garage. But, when the last movie finished, I was two hours late. I was afraid of the result being late. I thought if Dad knew what I had done, he could never let me drive again. So when I drove up the place where we had planned to meet and saw Dad waiting patiently on the corner. I told him that I had come as quickly as I could, but the car had needed some special repairs.
    “I’m terribly sorry that you felt you have to lie to me, Jonson.”

    “What do you mean, Dad? I’m telling the truth.”

    “I called the garage to ask if there were any problem, and they told me that you had not yet picked up the car. So I know there were no problems with the car. I’m angry not with you but with myself. You see, I’ve failed as a father, so I’m going to walk home now and think carefully about where I have gone wrong all these years.”
    “But it’s dark, and it’s 18 miles to walk home.”
    I pleased(請求) all the way, telling him how sorry I was. But nothing helped. I had to drive behind him for 18 miles.
    It was one of the most painful moments I had ever had. But it was the best lesson.
88. How old was Jason when the story happened?
89. What was Jason let to do if he took the car to be serviced at a garage?
90. Where did Jason go after he dropped off the car at a garage?

91. According to Jason, what might be the result of his being late?

92. How did Dad punish(懲罰) himself for not doing well enough as a father?

93. What could Jason learn from his father’s action?

88. He was 16 years old.
89. He could drive his dad into a village about 18 miles away.
90. He went to a theatre near the garage.
91. The result might be that his father would never let him drive again.
92. By walking home and thinking carefully about where he has gone wrong all these years.
93. He should be honest and never tell lies.
92.答案定位在第四段的第三句,父親打算走回家walk home,并仔細想想這些年哪里做錯了。



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